Thursday, December 1, 2016

This Month in Rochester History

Fifty years ago this month, Rochester's two funeral homes, Potere and Pixley, made a joint announcement.  The two firms notified the city of Rochester that they were going out of the ambulance business in order to devote all of their time and attention solely to funeral services.

For years, ambulance calls in Rochester had been answered alternately by the funeral homes. The police dispatcher used a card with "Pixley" printed on one side and "Potere" on the other, as the two companies took turns responding to calls.  Their ambulances were transportation only, and did not carry life support equipment or personnel with medical training.

Following the announcement by the funeral homes in December 1966, Rochester contracted with Fleet Ambulance and St. Onge Ambulance to provide services to Rochester residents.


  1. I remember riding in the Potere ambulance to Pontiac General Hospital in April 1966, after being involved in an auto accident on Walton Boulevard. It was "transportation" only for sure!

  2. Boy, talk about a conflict of interest!!! lol. The funeral Home as first responders? :-) They would make twice the money if the person didn't make it wouldn't they.