Saturday, April 2, 2011

Memory's Eye: 501 West University

My father, who attended Rochester High School in the 1950s, tells me that during his school days there was a wooden fence along the Wilcox side of the campus. Dad recalls that students without cars sat on the fence during lunch hour, while students with cars slowly cruised past to impress the "have-nots" with their custom rides.

Today's Memory's Eye post is created from a recent color photo of the Wilcox side of the Rochester Community Schools administration building at 501 W. University (formerly Rochester High School), with a black-and-white 1950s view of the building laid over it. Notice the group of students gathered at the wooden fence.


  1. I attended this school from 1971-1973. It was Central Jr. High School at the time. Many good memories...

    Diane Omans Wainwright

  2. I was there just after you were, Diane, when it was the temporary home of Van Hoosen Junior High until our building opened. I remember the rather uneven heating system: freeze in a hallway and boil in typing class. I developed itching all over from the dry heat and could hardly type! Lots of character in that building. And the hissing from the pneumatic clock system when they calibrated themselves.

    Scott Knitter