Saturday, July 30, 2011

Memory's Eye: East Fourth Street

Today's Memory's Eye photo is a look at East Fourth Street.  Earlier this week, I took this photo of my father standing on the sidewalk in front of the lot where his childhood home once stood - an apartment house at 131 E. Fourth (now a city parking lot). Sixty-three years earlier, my grandmother had taken a photo of Dad and his sister standing in almost the same spot, with the camera looking west up Fourth toward the intersection of Main. The old photo is visible in this mashup as the image on the tablet screen.  Notice that the south side of Fourth (left side of the photo) hasn't changed that much - the bank building and Opera House building are visible in both views.  The north side of the street, however, looks much different today.  The former village hall, visible in the background of the old photo, was demolished in 1962, while the old apartment house at 131 E. Fourth - just out of range of the camera - came down in the 1980s to create more parking space.


  1. I recognize my friend Ilene along with her big brother in the old blk/white photo. Great job Debbie! I remember the old village hall on the north side of the street where my neighbor Mr. Werth was once Chief of Police and where I got my first drivers license.

    Gail Hood Bothwell

  2. I would recognize that man anywhere! I need to get a picture of my Dad in front of Chicken Shack, where his house used to be too! Say hello to your Dad from the littlest Thompson.