Saturday, December 17, 2011

You Might Be From Rochester If...

With a nod to Jeff Foxworthy, here's a list of things you might remember if you grew up in Rochester.  Feel free to add your own in the comments!

You might be from Rochester if...
  • you know where Bare A-- Beach was
  • you remember when going to McDonald's meant a trip all the way to Pontiac
  • you partied at the Haven
  • you got your milk from Joe Case's dairy truck
  • you liked shopping in the D&C because the floors were squeaky
  • you distributed show bills for the Hills Theatre
  • you remember when the town bowling alley was in the basement of a building on Main Street
  • you got all of your pairs of “school shoes” from Jack Burr at B-Z Bootery
  • you remember the Slaughterhouse Five controversy
  • you wore lederhosen - or a dirndl - to dance in the Maifest
  • you made an inner-tube raft for the Floatable Boatable
  • you got kicked off the ice at the municipal pond for playing crack-the-whip
  • you were scared of the River Gang
  • you were in the River Gang
  • you ate at the Big Boy drive-in on North Main next to the Dairy Queen
  • you bought penny candy at Rochester Junction
  • you know where the Sinclair station was
  • you painted “The Rock” at least once
  • you know what business Frank St. Onge was in
  • you played the pinball machine at Cunningham's – for a dime
  • you remember when part of the South Hill bridge collapsed
  • you know why it was fun to drive really fast over the old Elizabeth St. bridge


  1. I used to grind pennys down on the side wall of Cunningham's so they would work as dimes in the pinball machine.

  2. Baseball in the summer, and sledding in the winter at the field at the end of North Hill shopping center.

  3. I wouldn't have considered it "partying" (as I wasn't really into that until I got to college); rather, I would consider it to have "investigated" the Haven on numerous occassions!


  4. The old wooden bridge on Second Street, east of Main...any photos???

  5. Too many "yes" answers.... Adams High, '69 - '73. Grew up there, parents moved there in '50.