Saturday, September 28, 2013

Subdivision Stories: Parkdale Heights

A small subdivision lying south of Parkdale Road between Elizabeth and Lounsbury streets was laid out as an addition to the Village of Rochester in November 1917.  The proprietors of the subdivision were two Rochester couples: Richard D. and Mary Watson and Alfred E. and Elizabeth Williams. The former farm land along Parkdale Road was quickly developed between 1915 and 1925 and many of the houses built on Parkdale and the adjacent side streets were occupied by employees of the Parkedale Biological Farm just east of the village.

The land on which the Parkdale Heights subdivision was created was formerly owned by Robert J. Lounsbury, an attorney and real estate developer who served as mayor of the City of Pontiac. After earning his degree from Columbia Law School in 1875, Lounsbury had come to Michigan to represent the interests of East Coast capitalists who had investments in the Midwest. In addition to the Lounsbury street that bears his name in Rochester, there is also a Lounsbury Avenue in Pontiac.


  1. Thanks!! I grew up on Lounsbury and appreciate knowing more about the history of that sub.

  2. Thanks Joe for letting me know about this story and thanks to "Remembering Rochester" for getting this information. I know we lived their for about 30 years, but I never really knew that Lounsbury was named after somebody. I also remember the Lounsbury Ave. in Pontiac.

  3. Hi Joe! I grew up on elizabeth and went to school with you ( brenda rosskilley).
    Just wanted to say Hello!
    PS: Remember the baby chicks from second grade?
    Remembering Rochester seems like a very important, fun and informative blog-.