Saturday, August 1, 2015

This Month in Rochester History

Fifty years ago this month, Michigan Christian College (now Rochester College) began a 54-acre expansion of its campus on West Avon Road.  In 1957, the North Central Christian College Association had acquired the former Maxon estate on Avon as the location of a new school.  North Central Christian College welcomed its first students in 1959, and changed its name to Michigan Christian College in 1961.  It became Rochester College in 1997.

Back in August of 1965, college leaders were planning for an expected student enrollment of 250 to 275 students by starting construction of a new classroom and office building, as well as a student center and library facility.  Today, Rochester College has an enrollment well over 1,000 students and offers bachelor's and master's degree programs.

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  1. I am madly nostalgic about Avon Billiards aka the pool hall or the "boys club" on Main ca. the 60's and into the 70's. It was not as bad as its reputation, but its reputation gave it a mystique that made it a crucible for hundreds of adolescent boys. We actually played 9ball and snooker in there and only got hassled if we acted like dorks. Can you research it please? Thanks!